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Monthly PRESS RELEASE August 22, 2023

Press Releases  will follow shortly after each of the Open Public Sessions of GSD Monthly Board of Directors Meetings,  generally scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Please See our Calendar to attend in person, to this public forum for your local water district or read the complete Agenda and Meeting Minutes. Meetings are held inside the main office located at 919 Redwood Drive, Garberville CA 95542

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Regular Meeting Called to Order at 5PM Tuesday, August 22, 2023. 


General Manager Report:

  • Updates on the progression of the Tank Replacement Project continue to be forthcoming due to the coordination of many people, companies and staff.  There are many moving parts to organize from offices to ground zero.  The expertise being applied is to be congratulated on top of normal and sometimes extra operational condtions.
  • There have been multiple power outages requiring extended hours or working into the night as well as locating leaks for repair while replacing  outdtaed water meters throughout the district. 
  • GSD offices have also been communicating with customers who wish to better understand how to conserve water to lower their water bills or tend to leaks on their side of the meter.
  • Policies regarding annual personnel training is being considered for ongoing efficiency to better provide for our customers and their water/wastewater systems. 
  • Resolution #23-010 Sec. 14.2a Vagrancy and Damage to District Property was passed by the Board of Directors and Updated in the Water Ordinance
GSD Water Ordinance Updated LS 08-24-2023.pdf


Regular Agenda Items & General Business  proceeded with full Board support and no additional Public Comments were recorded. 

       Agenda Items for the next Board Meeting

  • Tank Replacement Project Update
  • SHCP Update
  • Use Agreement for Supplies - Ordinance 15.10
  • Personnel Policy

The next Open Public Session of the GSD Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for 5PM Sept. 26, 2023