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Monthly PRESS RELEASE June 27, 2023

Press Releases  will follow shortly after each of the Open Public Sessions of GSD Monthly Board of Directors Meetings,  generally scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Please See our Calendar to attend in person, to this public forum for your local water district or read the complete Agenda and Meeting Minutes. Meetings are held inside the main office located at 919 Redwood Drive, Garberville CA 95542

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Regular Meeting Called to Order at 5PM Tuesday, June 27, 2023. 


General Manager Report:

  • Persistant notices to mutltiple agencies with regards to SHCP and GSD,  complaining, from out of the county, about the Local Cal Fire DepartmentTrainings held at the Southern Humboldt Community Park were brought to discussion for transparency of activity.  Our community continues to work together to serve and protect our residents throughout the year. These trainings require water from the fire trucks for fire fighting skills as the fire season approaches quickly. Cal Fire is located within the GSD boundary and fills their trucks at their facility.  Cal Fire  - (707) 923-2645 Garberville FIRE Department - (707) 923-3196
  • The Tank Replacement Project proceeds with multiple tasks in operation, including repairs to the backhoe by a mobile mehanic from Peterson Caterpillar. This necessary maintenance allows  project work to carry on as needed and in a timely manner.
  • Several new reports and applications, required by the State, have taken all of the GSD staff to complete accurate information within the timelines expected.  We work diligently to comply with local, county and state regulations as we maintain and improve our water services district. 
  • Further updates addressed include: Drought Preparedness, River Level, Customer Water Usage and Vagrants damaging District property.

 For  more information, CALL: (707) 444-3831 ext. 201 TODAY!


Regular Agenda Items & General Business  proceeded with full Board support and no additional Public Comments were recorded. 

       Agenda Items for the next Board Meeting

  • River Level
  • Water Conservation
  • SHCP Water Service
  • Tank Replacement Project

The next Open Public Session of the GSD Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for 5PM July 25, 2023