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Monthly PRESS RELEASE! March 26, 2024 Board Meeting

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Press Releases  will follow shortly after each of the Open Public Sessions of GSD Monthly Board of Directors Meetings,  generally scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Please See our Calendar to attend in person, to this public forum for your Local  Water District, or read the complete Agenda and Meeting Minutes. Meetings are held inside the main office located at 919 Redwood Drive, Garberville CA 95542

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Regular Meeting Called to Order at 5PM Tuesday, March 26, 2024. 


General Manager Report:

  • RAIN!! It just keeps on comin' down!
  • There have been multiple water meter replacements during the past month and this was discussed in detail as agenda item B.5 Meter Replacment Plan.
  • Staff has been engaged with preventative care and maintentance for operational equipment.
  • With the increasing fine weather, we continueto repair water leaks and clean the sewer collection system.
  • Along with equipment maintenance, over the next few months,  we are developing an in-house project list to complete throughout the summer.
  • Mandatory Compliance Reports seem to multiply rapidly and keep the staff working to avoid violations.


Regular Agenda Items & General Business  proceeded with full Board support and no additional Public Comments were recorded. 

       Agenda Items for the next Board Meeting

  • Drought Planning Changes
  • Tanks Replacement Project Update
  • Annual Water Source Capacity Report

The next Open Public Session of the GSD Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for April 23 , 2024 at 5PM.